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Somatic Attachment Therapy

Somatic Attachment Therapy is a fusion of 2 therapeutic modalities-Somatic Therapy and Attachment-Based Therapy.


Somatic therapy is an experiential approach towards mind-body integration. In a session, somatic work might look like rolling out our yoga mats and moving the body in nourishing ways, breath work, and other body based techniques. Somatic therapy allows us to return home to a sense of safety in the body and in the world.

Attachment-Based Therapy allows us to explore our ways of connecting with ourselves and others. We acknowledge patterns in our current ways of relating and  trace these trends back to our earliest relationships with parents/caregivers. We use the therapeutic relationship between you and I to find ways to help restore your ability to connect with self and others in a way that feels safe and meaningful to you. 

Somatic Attachment Therapy invites us to: find safety within the body, get to know and honor the story of our attachment journey, explore what true safe connection feels like, metabolize unprocessed memories and emotions that reside within the body and psyche, and restore your relationship with yourself and the world around you. 

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